Mission Kids Cooperative Preschool, San Francisco

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to support multicultural, income-diverse families in San Francisco through inclusive, bilingual, play-based early education. 


Our vision is to be a community beacon for early childhood care and education. 



We nurture strong connections between families, teachers, and children. 

As a Co-op, caregivers share the load of running a classroom with teachers. By being in the classroom with one’s child and their peers, parents and guardians build strong connections with other families, teachers, and children at our school.

Family Based

We care about each other and each other’s children like family.

We are a community of families that create one school family. This is seen and felt in the caring relationships, trust, and connections we develop with each child and each caregiver, as well as the attention we place on both child and parent education.


We believe children learn through play.

We facilitate self expression, creativity, socialization, exploration, self-confidence, and learning through play. Play is fun and critical in developing a child’s creativity and socialization.  


We embrace the uniqueness of each family

We believe diversity enhances the experiences of our community, children, and families. It prompts learning, new understanding, and empathy.


We welcome all families and children.

We welcome and serve children with all learning profiles and abilities. We strive to ensure that every family’s voice is a valuable part of shaping our school.