Mission Kids Cooperative Preschool, San Francisco


Child-Centered & Play based

Our goal is to provide and continuously improve early care and education services of the highest quality in a climate of respect for children and their families.

Encourages children’s sense of freedom and enthusiasm for life and learning.

Helps children develop and maintain their confidence, competence, and self-esteem, fostering kind, compassionate, empathetic behavior.

Ensures children recognize and appreciate diversity in all its forms: in nature, thought, families, and communities.

Values the importance of building community  within the school, the Mission District, and wider San Francisco Bay Area.

Instructs children to articulate and appreciate their own feelings and the feelings of others.

Teaches children to resolve conflict by practicing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills.

Recognizes the importance of celebrating multiculturalism by valuing home language and offering Spanish bilingual programming.

Provides opportunities for learning across domains including social, cognitive, language, and motor skills.

Advances each individual child’s growth and development in a way and at a pace that is uniquely tailored for his or her needs.


Mission Kids provides exceptional bilingual, multicultural, community-based early care and education, fostering respect and love of learning, to income diverse families of San Francisco.