Mission Kids Cooperative Preschool, San Francisco

Ariel Parada

April 19, 2022

Ariel Parada (he/him) is a teacher at Mission Kids. He is the grandson of Beneranda, Gregorio, Miguel, Amanda, and the son of Edith and Carlos. He is from El Salvador and was raised in San Francisco’s Mission District. He has been an educator in his community for over 10 years as a tutor, teacher, and volunteer — and now as a preschool teacher. Spanish is his first language. He became involved with Mission Kids when his oldest son joined the mariquitas classroom in 2021. Ariel has his bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State in ethnic studies. He also has his master’s degree in teaching urban education and social justice, as well as a single-subject teaching credential in English literature. 

His outside interests include fútbol, podcasting (listening and recording), being a father, dancing, fashion, reading, writing, and eating.