Mission Kids Cooperative Preschool, San Francisco

Erika Mota

September 13, 2023

Erika Mota (she/her) is a teacher at Mission Kids. Her journey began with her son’s enrollment in Ranitas in 2021. Working with her sister, Maestra Janet, further strengthened her connection to the MK community. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Labor Studies from San Francisco State, she brings a diverse background. She has Latin heritage and Mexican roots, a Spanish Bilingual educator who values her culture. Beyond her teaching role, Erika finds joy in motherhood, exploring new hiking trails, dancing, trying new hobbies, and discovering trendy eateries. She is excited to be part of MK and engage kids through creativity and music. Erika strives to create nurturing experiences and build positive relationships within the Mission Kids community, making a meaningful impact on their lives.